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  • October 12


October 12
INR 300, Free for students with a valid ID
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OddBird Theatre, Dhanmill Compound, 100ft. Road, Chattarpur, New Delhi- 110074

Daniel Kok [Singapore]
Cheerleader of Europe | 50 min


Europeans have become impatient and skeptical about the European Project. With no decisive economic recovery in sight – but widespread unemployment, austerity measures and increased immigration fears – the spectre of crisis has cast a long shadow across the continent.

But one artist, resolute in his beliefs in the constitution of Europe, wishes to marshal the community towards a sense of unity. Who better to play the Cheerleader of Europe than the neutral Asian? Hailing from the economic miracle city-state of Singapore, he is Left and Right, East and West, In and Out and shake it all about. The performance promises a utopic finale, complete with confetti. Everyone must be happy in the end.

Daniel Kok read BA (Honours) Fine Art & Critical Theory at Goldsmiths College (London). In 2012, he received an MA (Distinction) in Solo/Dance/Authorship (SODA) at the Inter-University Centre for Dance (HZT, Berlin). In 2014, he completed the Advanced Performance and Scenography Studies (APASS) in Brussels. In 2008, he was the laureate of the Young Artist Award from National Arts Council (Singapore). His work deals with the politics of relationality in spectatorship and audienceship. His creations ‘Q&A’ (2009), ‘The Gay Romeo’ (2011), ’Cheerleader of Europe’ (2014), ‘ALPHA’ (2014), ‘PIIGS’ (2015) and ‘Bunny’ (2016) have been presented in different parts of Asia, Europe, Australia, as well as the USA and Burkina Faso. Presently, he is keen to investigate relational politics by looking at queerness and the notion of trans-individuality. Daniel also identifies as a pole dancer, rope bondage practitioner and a Thai masseur. As a pole dancer, he won the SG Pole Challenge (2012) and represented Singapore at the International Pole Championships (Finalist, 2013).


Cast + Credits

Choreography/Performance: Daniel Kok
Dramaturge: Jorge Gonçalves
Text: Daniel Kok, Sergiu Matis
Producer: Tang Fu Kuen
Tour Technical Manager: Steve Kwek | ARTFACTORY
Supported by: APASS, Nadine, workspacebrussels, PACT Zollverein Essen
Special Thanks to: Peter Stamer, Pierre Rubio
Music: ‘Ode to Joy’, Beethoven; ‘Achupause’, Emptyset


Supported at IGNITE! 2016 by

National Arts Council, Singapore