Bambino cat bald, with short legs

What is the crossing of a bald pussy with other short legs? The answer is the cat bambino.

An animal thought beardless and with short legs.

When American breeders Pat and Stephanie Osborne crossed in 2005 a copy of race Munchkin.

And this statement applies to all those humans who take advantage of rarely occurring genetic mutations naturally to generate new races.

Beyond this, the cat bambino is a reality accepted by the cat associations, at least as an experimental breed. And is welcome in every home they want to have loved and cared for as a pet.

Bambino cat is a little pussycat hairless and short legs that surely the heart of the whole family will win for his funny and affectionate character.

Cat features bambino

Usually classified as a dwarf cat, the bambino shares his short legs also with other races as Dwelf, Minskin, and Lambkin. Also, he looks out for it’s bald but has a hidden layer of hair that is soft to the touch like chamois. And his skin usually is pink and crinkles.

But also it has the following characteristics:

  • Small to medium size with a weight ranging between 2 and 4 kilograms -the males – and between 2 and 3 females.
  • The muscular body of robust appearance with a full chest and round abdomen.
  • Head longer than wide, wedge-shaped.
  • Large, round, and expressive eyes.
  • Eyebrows and very short or absent whiskers.
  • Ears large and erect, like on alert, with moderately sharp points.
  • Neck thick and strong.
  • Thin, long and flexible, with a pointed tip that may have a lock of hairtail.

Pussycat energetic, playful and cuddly

Undoubtedly, the bambino requires a human family that is willing and able to pay much attention. Like all indoor cats, you have to think of games and toys to keep it entertaining.

Sociable, funny and affectionate, gets along well with children, the elderly, and other household pets. And as often it happens with many beings of small stature, has a great personality.

Luckily, it seems that their short legs do not limit it to go running or jumping around the house. But also she adores him lift, embrace it and take a nap in the lap of their human.

Special care hairless cats

All bald as a pussycat, the bambino requires him to bathe regularly to keep your skin clean, flexible, and softness that characterizes it. It is that races with little or no fur often give off much sebum your skin.

If hygiene is not usual, besides, to becoming sticky to the touch, the animal may have skin problems. Therefore, if you are not accustomed to the bathroom since childhood, you can use wet towels, according to the indication of the veterinarian.

Also, we must take special care in cleaning your eyes and your ears. And, of course, not to expose to the sun or cold and fed with a diet appropriate to their characteristics. Something nature insists on putting human hair where you want to remove.

It is considered a healthy animal with a life expectancy of between 12 and 14 years. And, for the moment, his short legs do not seem to cause spinal problems. Anyway, being a recent race, yet it could not be reliably established if there is a chance to develop diseases typical of the breed.

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