Cat Ukrainian Levkoy

Hairless cats pets can be a rewarding attitude, but require special care because of their bare skin, more exposed to any accident or health problem.

As if they were pussycats few who walk the world, many of them in street situations or awaiting adoption at a shelter, some people strive to create new feline breeds. Uploaded fashion – called hairless cats earlier this century- has created the Levkoy Ukrainian.

It is a strange animal and imposing appearance, but loving, docile, and intelligent. Besides, it is ideal to live behind closed doors to fit tight spaces.

A cat XXI century

The hairless cats, which often have a thin layer almost invisible to the vision and the human touch, have recently become popular. Many of these new strains have emerged in Russia or in regions that were part of the Soviet Union.

In the case of Levkoy Ukrainian Elena Birjukova, he crossed the brooder copies of Don Sphynx – in the photo below these lines and Scottish Fold. Thus was born in 2004 Levkoy First, a beardless Pussycat appearance and ears to fall forward, thanks to his Scottish genes.

However, and despite its growing popularity, organizations like the World Cat Federation (WCF) and The International Cat Association (TICA) still do not recognize the breed. But it has been admitted by Russian and Ukrainian clubs breeding.

An aspect mining alien and floppy ears forward. So is the Levkoy Ukrainian, a feline that thickens the list of currently fashionable breeds of hairless cats.

Physical characteristics of Ukrainian Levkoy

About tastes, there is nothing written, and all animals should be loved or appreciated. If you look quite sure this cat finds beauty in almost alien appearance, but at the same time elegant and muscular; this, despite the wrinkles that form in its apparent thick skin, especially in the belly, head, and neck.

Beyond their lack of hair and big ears bent forward, other physical characteristics of this cat are:

  • Medium size.
  • Weight: between four and seven kilograms males and 3.5 females five.
  • Height: between 20 and 25 centimeters males and between 18 and 23 females.
  • Colors: gray, black, white, brown.
  • Cola: thin.
  • Legs: long, muscular.
  • Head: wedge-shaped and flattened. The face is angular and highlights your cheekbones. Some say their profile is somewhat doglike.
  • Whiskers: short and slightly curly.
  • Eyes: almond format and light colors.

A Pussycat adapt

If your home is small, the Levkoy Ukrainian can become your ideal pet. As there is very restless, without losing their curiosity smoothly adapts to small spaces, even without too much place to play.

Sweet, friendly, and outgoing, this usually worships their owner and is very likely to continue throughout the house. And is that not only some of their physical appearance that reminds Pussycat dogs.

It is a balanced and stable animal, but you must keep in mind that the Ukrainian Levkoy does not like being alone. So, if no human can spend all day with him, he should have the company of other pets.

Special care for Ukrainian Levkoy

With a life expectancy ranging from nine to 15 years, this Pussycat requires special attention because of its low cost. To keep your body temperature, you need a diet rich in calories and protein. It would not hurt something warm like the next picture.

Besides, it must be protected from the cold and keep the sun will cause irritation and burns to his exposed skin. It is a consulting thing the veterinarian about the best way to care for them because, as is evident, they tend to suffer from skin diseases.

On the other hand, is a Pussycat should be bathed at least once a month. This is because your skin shows an oily substance, a form of protection, but be impregnated with dirt.

Further considers that despite almost lack of hair is not a hypoallergenic animal. The allergies provoke dead cells to shed epithelial mining and a substance present in saliva.

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