Focus on mutual cat

Mutual cat has been developed to allow the master to watch over his feline while saving on the budget. How did it work?

The cover of the cat for mutual

Diseases, accidents, broken claws, runny eyes can reach any cat throughout his life. A subscription to a joint is not mandatory but highly recommended. It will cover the different costs that pet if necessary. The contract includes vaccination, veterinary visit, purchase of medicines, hospital fees, etc.

In addition to health insurance, the master can subscribe to his cat liability insurance. This will cover the expenses of small oversights feline that can cause harm to another. There are, for example, bites, scratches, or damage. There is also the life insurance that will cover funeral costs. This contract provides for compensation that will allow the pet owner to acquire a new pet.

Choose the right insurer for mutual health

Insurance institutions recommend a multitude of joint cat formulas. They offer a variable rate of reimbursement, so the prices change depending on the choice of the pet owner. For proper care, it is crucial to choose the insurer before the subscription. The teacher will research on the internet to compare offers.

It is prudent to check deductibles and guarantees offered by the insurers. Among the criteria for selecting a good mutual, including the duration of the coverage. It must not provide an end cover, age-related, or the occurrence of an accident. The contract must be complete, that is to say, for life. Aside from that, the coverage must be universal, the widest. It will ensure both the diseases and accidents and should allow intervention to all veterinarians. If it concerns abroad, this is the best.

The conditions of subscription to mutual cat

For the cat can receive coverage of joint, it must meet specific requirements of age and race. The animal must be over three months and under five years. If the cat over ten years, insurers reduce the guarantees covers. Note that certain types of cats are subject to a specific treatment. Aside from that, the animal must have credentials, that is to say, the demographer tattooed or have a microchip. These marks are required to identify the cat to prevent illegal trafficking and to prevent scams for insurance.

For a subscription to a mutual cat, an animal’s medical certificate is required. This paper confirms that it is in good health at the time of care. Proof of vaccine recall is necessary. Note that the vaccine against the common cold, typhus, feline leukemia and rabies should be updated.

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