LaPerm a pussycat with curly fur

This breed comes from a natural mutation back in the 80s in the United States; the first issue was born bald, but when finished growing his coat turned out to be curled.

A cat with curly hair and soft aspires to be the darling of the family, so is the LaPerm. It is a natural mutation that arose a race, and which owes its name to hair treatment that many have you done to your hair curly for a considerable time.

A race emerged a natural mutation

The origin of this beautiful pussycat dates back to 1982 in the US There, in a barn Oregon State, a member of a litter of cats mestizos whose function was to keep at bay mice – born bald.

However, after a few months, the animal began to develop a curly hair coat. These ‘unusual’ kittens were repeated in subsequent litters. This led to their owners, Linda and Richard Koehl, who began to breed them selectively.

Currently, the LaPerm breed is recognized by the significant cat associations. However, beyond their country of origin, not too widespread, although there are farms in countries like Canada, England, New Zealand, and Japan.

If you like loving cats who love to spend hours on your lap, the LaPerm is for you. You will enjoy big stroking the soft fur and curly that characterizes it.

Physical characteristics LaPerm cat

A LaPerm can have short hair, medium, or long. What can not be missing more or less ensortijados- are her curls, which become more noticeable in the abdomen, throat, and base of the ears.

Weighing between 4 and 6 kilos-the males-and between 3 and 5 females is a breed that supports all colors and patterns.

It presents the following characteristics:

  • Muscular and robust body, medium-sized.
  • Elongated legs.
  • Wedge-shaped head and slightly rounded.
  • Ears pricked, of medium to large.
  • Macaroons and expressive eyes. Colors can be yellow, gold, blue, or green.
  • Stylized neck.
  • Cola broad base and of medium length with plenty of hair.

A cuddly and playful pussycat

LaPerm cat is happy in the laps of their owners. It is an ideal company for seniors, but also along very well with children and other pets. Most likely follow their humans around the house.

But it is more cuddly like every cat is also curious. He loves to explore his surroundings. And more than once, he will get on the shoulders of their owners to scan the scene safely.

Quiet, intelligent, and affectionate is an animal that appreciates the existence of a courtyard or a garden; do not forget to take steps to prevent escape. And, if you supply of toys, you will be more than happy spending their energy and exercising his skills as a hunter of rodents.

The LaPerm, a healthy cat

We are in a healthy Pussycat, usually because it is a race that was not too manipulated by humans. The LaPerm has a life expectancy of between 15 and 20 years.

On the other hand, it does not require great care. However, long-haired specimens need a little more care in brushing their peer’s shorter coat. However, contrary to what might be believed, his fur too tangles and does not fall too much.

Like everything pussycat, it requires quality food to be healthy and active. And visits to the vet are imposed regularly, not only to monitor their health but to keep up with vaccinations and deworming.

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