Ocicat cat a wild look Pussycat

Would you like to have a pussycat with a wild feline look that is both cuddly and playful? For that is the Ocicat cat, a pet that resembles the ocelot (hence its name), but it is great to live in a house in the company of other pets. Here we tell you all the details about this beautiful breed created in the US in the second half of the twentieth century.

A cat born from the junction of five races

The Ocicat is a merger of several feline breeds :

  • Siamese
  • Egyptian Mau
  • Oriental
  • Abyssinia
  • American Shorthair

In the 1960s, some American breeders promoted selective breeding in search of a wild pussycat appearance. So they came to this beautiful, slender animal that has dappled patterns on its fur and is now very popular in his country and elsewhere in Latin America. However, it is little known in Europe.

The breed was officially recognized by The International Cat Association (TICA) in 1987 and by the Federation Internationale Feline (FIFe) in 1992.

Today we present the Ocicat, a loving and ideal to live in a house pussycat, but with all the look of a wild cat. The ‘cat ocelot’ is the result of crossing five races. And an elegant animal, athletic, spotted coat and lively, playful character that coexists well with children, the elderly, and other pets are achieved.

Physical characteristics Ocicat

Along the Egyptian Mau and Bengali, the Ocicat is part of pussycats breeds more wildness.

Among the physical characteristics of this ‘ocelot cat,’ smart and athletic, include:

  • Body: muscular, long, and thin. Robust bones.
  • Weight: Four to six kilos males and between two and four females.
  • Head: medium size, slightly triangular shape, and rounded edges. It is more extensive than long. The snout is short.
  • Eyes: Large and oval. Slightly oblique. Assorted colors, except blue.
  • Nose: broad and medium.
  • Ears are long, straight, and with hairs like those who have the lynx.
  • Legs: muscular and robust. Medium length.
  • Cola: thin but durable and long. Presents ‘rings’ dark tonality and tip.
  • Coat: Short, beautiful, dense, and silky.
  • Colors: black, chocolate, cinnamon, silver, blue, and lilac (always speckled patterns).

Know your personality and behavior

Sociable, faithful and companion, is that despite its image, wild cat is a cat with little aggression. So it is ideal to live with the elderly, children, and other pets.

Balanced and active, the Ocicat is always ready to play and be cuddled, because it is very fond and affectionate with their owners. Also, like all good pussycat, besides being very intelligent and curious, you love heights. Ideally, you procure him toys to your liking, to preserve intact the furniture and curtains in your home.

Note that it is very Meows, Siamese – style, and he does not like anything being left alone for too long. So you need to think carefully before choosing this cat as a pet if owners spend many hours outside the home. Even usually friendly with strangers, so you will not have problems when you receive visits.

How to care for an Ocicat

This catlike race does not require special care. Yes, in the molting season, it is recommended to brush your hair a couple of times a week. Bathe him only when needed, because the Pussycats are experts in preen and always splendid.

Moreover, the fact that five races will be used for its creation makes the animal does not present endogámicos problems and good health.

However, as with any pet, you must procure adequate and quality food. Also, do not forget to meet the schedule vaccination and deworming. Finally, take it to the vet regularly to make a routine check.

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