Peterbald cat

It is a ‘bald,’ very sociable cat and performs well with other pets and children; Also needs a number of care because of their lack of fur, though, and unlike other hairless breeds, does not require a regular toilet.

How do you see yourself with a slender pussycat, beardless, with slanted eyes and large ears and pointed as a pet? If the description you find interesting, perhaps Peterbald cat can become your ideal partner, since, in addition, he is very affectionate and playful. This is one of many hairless breeds that man has created in recent years.

A Pussycat St. Petersburg

The Peterbald cat – translated to Spanish is’ Pedro Calvo’- originated in Russia, specifically in the legendary St. Petersburg, the second-most populous city in the country.

Its creator is an amateur judge the cats, Olga Mironova, which in 1994 achieved a pussycat hairless and differed by then the popular Sphynx.

As seeking lighter forms, copies crossed Siamese, Oriental, and Don Sphynx, now known as Donskoy. Thus they were born the first cats of this particular race, which was soon recognized by the major cat associations and was gaining adherents around the world.

Peterbald cat was created in Russia in the mid-90s of the last century and is part of the so-called hairless breeds. It is an elegant and oriental appearance Pussycat characterized by being very affectionate and dependent on its owner.

Physical characteristics Peterbald cat

This elegant domestic feline can be quite hairless or have a very thin coat and imperceptibly, from one to five millimeters. There are also copies a hair over five millimeters.

Each, therefore, is the case of some mining not inherited the gene for baldness and has a normal mantle. As for the colors, all varieties and combinations allowed.

Other features describing the cat Peterbald are:

  • Medium size.
  • Weight: between three and five kilograms.
  • Body: long and muscular.
  • Head: triangular and provided, of average size.
  • Eyes: almond-shaped medium, not too prominent and colored according to the mantle.
  • Profile: Straight, without stop.
  • Hocico: up
  • Nose: Straight and long.
  • Tail: long, ending in a point.
  • Tips: Long, as a dancer.

Meet the character Peterbald cat

Peaceful, stable, affectionate, and very sociable are attributes that describe perfectly the character of Peterbald cat. It is an animal that constantly seeks to be petted and pampered and at all times, demands the attention of its owner. Most likely follow him everywhere.

Sweet and kind, but also active and intelligent, this friendly lampiƱo usually show interest in what happens around them and loves to play, especially with its owner.

We are facing a pussycat ideal for living inside the house and adapts seamlessly to the presence of other pets. It also tends to be very patient with a smaller home.

But if the home is no human presence every day and for several hours, ideally, this beautiful Morongo has the company of some other representative of the catus felis. Or, failing that, a dog.

This feline protects from cold and sun

Beyond the specific care hairless breeds, which should remain safe from the cold and sun, the cat Peterbald does not require constant grooming, unlike other hairless feline breeds.

Your skin, bald compared to other Pussycats, it produced very little sebum. Therefore, it is sufficient to clean with wet wipes. The veterinarian will tell you the most appropriate.

Anyway, if you want to bathe, I can also do, especially in warmer seasons. It is advisable that you get used since childhood to water.

On the other hand, if you give quality food and keeping your metabolism and comply with vaccination and deworming schedule, your kitty will not present certainly serious health problems. Their life expectancy is between 12 and 16 years.

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