Snowshoe cat

This breed of cat known for its blue eyes and white fur, which also requires no great care.

A cat with bright blue eyes and beautiful white legs, like snowshoes, will fit. And with a particular inverted ‘V,’ also white, on its face. So is the Snowshoe, a pussycat that emerged from the cross between Siamese and American Shorthair races and now enjoys great popularity.

Learn how came the Snowshoe

Originating in Philadelphia (USA) in the late 60s, this feline race was devised by a professional breeder, Dorothy Hinds-Daugherty. The woman sought and got a pussycat with white paws, and a unique ‘V’ inverted the same color on the face.

Hinds-Daugherty also endeavored to keep the scheme colorpoint, with darker color on the face, ears, and tail. Thus, this feline precious also has the elongated body of the Siamese, and a muscular physique like American shorthair emerged.

However, much of the history of this animal was not recorded. Therefore, the way it was achieved, among other details, that its unique white legs remain unknown. It is known that, initially, many breeders struggled to develop the original drawings.

Nevertheless, in the mid-1970s, this cat had been formalized in their country of origin and shortly later was recognized throughout Europe. And, even if it is a recent race, Snowshoe today enjoys great popularity.

Meet the Snowshoe. A cat stands out as having four white feet, as snow shoes will fit. But this recent feline race draws attention also by a particular ‘V’ inverted, too white, in the face and bright blue eyes.

Other physical characteristics of this beautiful race

The Snowshoe is an athletic animal, provided, muscular, and elegant. Among its physical features, we should be noted:

  • Size: Medium.
  • Weight: between three and five kilograms.
  • Head: triangular with rounded features.
  • Chin: strong and pronounced.
  • Neck: stiff and upright, giving it a graceful appearance.
  • Eyes: oval and large. Of blue, penetrating gaze.
  • Ears: medium or large and broad-based.
  • Legs: reasonably broad, with rounded feet.
  • Cola: broad base, it is tapering towards the tip.
  • Coat: short, dense, and bright. Lint has no wooly and very soft.
  • Colors: solid points and tabby points, with well defined and in harmony with the tone marks the body, which is always clearer.

Snowshoe, a good-natured mewing much

Like the American Shorthair, the Snowshoe is a peaceful, quiet, and courteous. Active, intelligent, and curious, is an animal that enjoys exploring their surroundings and playing with its owner.

This friendly and loving feline is ideal for family life and adapts well to living with small children and other pets. Usually, you elect a member of their group to show more affection.

But nothing is perfect. He inherited from the Siamese their meows frequent, which can be annoying both themselves and strangers. Males also have a strong personality and are quite territorial.

A pussycat does not need specific care

With a life expectancy ranging between 10 and 18 years, this beautiful animal has no severe health problems. It is a functional and robust race that no known specific diseases.

Moreover, Snowshoe is a cat that does not require great daily care. Weekly brushing with a soft bristle comb enough to keep their coats in good condition.

Additionally, if you prefer, one bath a month with a shampoo for short hair kittens will be more than enough to always look splendid. It is still advisable to take care of hygiene.

As with any pet, a portion of food according to their characteristics, the vet regularly, and comply with the vaccination and deworming visits, you ensure that your Snowshoe lives healthy and content.

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