This breed of cat known for its peculiar aesthetic, as reminiscent of a bear, and the particular smile that draws you in the face; Interestingly, this is a feline hunter and was on the verge of extinction. The Carthusian or Chartreux is a great and calm character Pussycat noted for its blue and abundant hair.  […]

Also known as Si-Sawat or ‘Lucky Cat,’ this beautiful feline is a completely natural breed; in this case, the man’s hand had nothing to do with its creation. Elegant, longer than the front, long nose, and heart-shaped head hind legs. That’s the Korat, a cat that integrates calls blue-haired breeds. Intelligent, affectionate, and playful, this

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It is a ‘bald,’ very sociable cat and performs well with other pets and children; Also needs a number of care because of their lack of fur, though, and unlike other hairless breeds, does not require a regular toilet. How do you see yourself with a slender pussycat, beardless, with slanted eyes and large ears

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This breed of cat known for its blue eyes and white fur, which also requires no great care. A cat with bright blue eyes and beautiful white legs, like snowshoes, will fit. And with a particular inverted ‘V,’ also white, on its face. So is the Snowshoe, a pussycat that emerged from the cross between

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Active, intelligent, and very attached to one master, acoustically she mimos- claim the attention-and this constantly; its origin, dating back to the 80s, is the result of crossing the Russian Blue feline and American longhair. Imagine a Russian Blue pussycat, with her green eyes and her silvery hue feature, but a long coat. Agr├ęgale a

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This huge cat -can grow to a meter is a hybrid race, ie, of a cross between domestic and wild pussycats; It stands out for its agility and jumping power to the point that you have to walk him on a leash for the high possibility of escape. The human being likes to manipulate and

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