Cats are strange creatures and each has a unique character. The modern world, however, has found an approach to them. On our blog, we often talk about original ways to protect the mental and physical health of cats. Recently we have talked about gloves for cats. Excessive salivation in cats is a symptom of several medical conditions; to take care of them more adequately, owners must know the diseases that a cat may be salivating excessively.

This breed of cat known for its peculiar aesthetic, as reminiscent of a bear, and the particular smile that draws you in the face; Interestingly, this is a feline hunter and was on the verge of extinction. The Carthusian or Chartreux is a great and calm character Pussycat noted for its blue and abundant hair. 

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Also known as Si-Sawat or ‘Lucky Cat,’ this beautiful feline is a completely natural breed; in this case, the man’s hand had nothing to do with its creation. Elegant, longer than the front, long nose, and heart-shaped head hind legs. That’s the Korat, a cat that integrates calls blue-haired breeds. Intelligent, affectionate, and playful, this

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The Norwegian Forest cat is robust. Not only is it resistant to cold, but also diseases. This is not a regular veterinary even if exposed to a genetic disease of its own: glycogen storage disease type IV. However, the slightest inattention can cause him trouble. That said, as much to take the necessary measures to

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It is a ‘bald,’ very sociable cat and performs well with other pets and children; Also needs a number of care because of their lack of fur, though, and unlike other hairless breeds, does not require a regular toilet. How do you see yourself with a slender pussycat, beardless, with slanted eyes and large ears

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This breed of cat known for its blue eyes and white fur, which also requires no great care. A cat with bright blue eyes and beautiful white legs, like snowshoes, will fit. And with a particular inverted ‘V,’ also white, on its face. So is the Snowshoe, a pussycat that emerged from the cross between

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Active, intelligent, and very attached to one master, acoustically she mimos- claim the attention-and this constantly; its origin, dating back to the 80s, is the result of crossing the Russian Blue feline and American longhair. Imagine a Russian Blue pussycat, with her green eyes and her silvery hue feature, but a long coat. Agr├ęgale a

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Hailing from the desert, exclusive hunter, carnivore strict, the cat has acquired over the millennia a very specialized dietary adaptation of which remain today depends. By eating behavior as its nutritional requirements, it is distinct from the dog. He is more accustomed to sharing the omnivorous diet of man. Much more demanding than the dog

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This huge cat -can grow to a meter is a hybrid race, ie, of a cross between domestic and wild pussycats; It stands out for its agility and jumping power to the point that you have to walk him on a leash for the high possibility of escape. The human being likes to manipulate and

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