Cat Nebelung

Active, intelligent, and very attached to one master, acoustically she mimos- claim the attention-and this constantly; its origin, dating back to the 80s, is the result of crossing the Russian Blue feline and American longhair.

Imagine a Russian Blue pussycat, with her green eyes and her silvery hue feature, but a long coat. Agrégale a capricious and reserved with strangers character. And finally, Throw in a touch of Germanic mythology in his name. The result is a fine specimen of cat Nebelung, or Nibelung if we translate the Castilian.

As a Russian Blue pussycat, but long hair

The Blue Cat is an ancient breed of cats that originated in northern Russia. In the nineteenth century, some specimens came to the UK and had both short-haired cats and long hair. However, the latter was lost and became the first, currently known as Russian blue cats.

And in the 80s and US territory, a crossing of a Russian Blue male with a female long hair was performed. The result was a beautiful long – haired pussy with silver highlights in his fur.

Thus he was born the Nebelung cat, defined as a child or inhabitant of darkness according to the German itología. Soon the breed was recognized by the major cat associations and became known in much of the world. However, they are animals that are found particularly in the USA, where they enjoy great popularity.

Meet the Nebelung or Nibelung, a race similar to the Russian blue cats, but long hair. Intelligent, active, and capricious, you will know what you need with strong meows.

Physical characteristics Nebelung cat

The Nibelung is an animal of medium, agile, and well-proportioned body. It presents an aspect elegant, yet robust and strong, thanks to its good bone structure and musculature. Males weigh between four and six kilograms and females between three and four.

Among its physical characteristics also include:

  • Head: medium size, slightly rounded, and rectangular structure.
  • Eyes: almond format redondeado- and green-or.
  • Nose: broad, long, and straight.
  • Ears: upright, well-spaced, pointed.
  • Legs: Long, thin, and muscular.
  • Tail: long, with a lot of hair. It is thicker at the base and tapering towards the tip.
  • Coat: long, thick, but fine. Very silky to the touch and very bright sight.
  • Color: gray with a silvery sheen.

An active, intelligent and whimsical race

Nebelung cat is the most active known races. You’ll see happy playing and exploring,  so if you lend due attention and not let it can only adapt to living well in an apartment. Be careful because you learn to open doors. Also, he loves to drink water from taps and sinks.

Affectionate and intelligent, it may tend to be too capricious and demanding. And you will know with strong meows when she wants something. Therefore, it is not recommended that coexists with very young children. Anyway, it is a social animal that gets along well with people and other pets.

The chances are that particularly endears with a member of the family, which will continue throughout the house to demand mimes and other attentions. And even if you can accommodate well to new people and situations, at first usually shows a certain reserve to strangers.

Care needed by the Nibelung

A cat so much character, you also require you to watch your diet and hygiene. In particular,  you should be careful and keep your sandpit and always clean your favorite spaces.

Because of the length of her hair, to keep it nice have to brush it three or four times a week. Quality food, meanwhile, will contribute not only to their good looks, but that is healthy and strong.

Moreover, it is an animal that does not usually get sick and has a life expectancy of 15 to 18 years. Also, as with any pet, regular visits to the veterinarian, vaccination and deworming should never be neglected.

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