Japanese bobtail cat

Japanese bobtail cat is perhaps one of the best known throughout the world. Did you know that there are those who believe they bring good luck? Today we want to tell you everything you need to know about these Japanese pets.

Bobtail cat: Historical pet

They are one of the oldest breeds in Japan. It is not known what species originally emerged, but it is certain that they have long accompanied the Japanese. There are records from the fifteenth century or so, as they appear in legends and myths and star in some frights of the country.

It is believed to have entered the country from China in the sixth century AD Until the seventeenth century it was not uncommon to see these loitering among the houses of the inhabitants of feudal Japan cats.

Japanese bobtail cat features

They are medium-sized cats, but the short tail and collected as a spring, thanks to a recessive gene, which resembles the tail of a rabbit even hairier. They have a pretty slender body like oriental cats but are slightly more muscular.

They possess larger than the front legs, giving the impression that they are always ready to pounce on something. Their fur is the very soft, thin, and moderate length, except the tail, which is often very striking forever look out of place. The tail is always different between each individual.

They usually have a very large coat with colorful dots all over her body. Hair colors range from white, brown, black, and sometimes cream. His face is shaped like a triangle with striking whiskers and pointed ears, while the eyes are rounder, similar to those of other animals from the eastern regions.

Playful Family

Japanese bobtail cat is ideal to have a family; they are very active, which makes them very curious and playful animals in their environment. In addition, as to his character, they are very affectionate and always behind their owners wanting to be pampered by them.

  • They are very ‘talkative’ cats. Usually, they respond with meows when you’re spoken to.
  • They love to say hello with his paws, all humans are.  Usually, they receive the visit when the door is opened very cautiously.
  • As they love to play, they take very well with children. This is a very healthy way to keep them entertained doing exercises.

Notably, they are very healthy cats that are resistant to almost all diseases. As for reproduction, they have litters of three to four puppies, walking faster than any of its kind.

  • At birth, they have the distinction of being born with a partially developed tail, although this continues to grow along with the child.

During the sixteenth-century silk industry was in crisis because of these cats because the caterpillar silk was one of his favorite prey, resulting in that the cats were thrown outdoors.

A mystic cat

The bobtail cat cam cohabiting more than enough with the Japanese to be the source of inspiration for some myths:

Tragic origin

A Japanese legend has it that the characteristic tail of bobtail is due to the accidental burning of a cat in a common house. Cat, scared, runs through the city with its tail on fire and burning everything in its path, so the emperor ordered to cut queues all cats so this does not happen again.

The monster cat: Bakeneko

According to Japanese folklore, a bobtail cat becomes a Bakeneko when it reaches a certain age and a certain size. It becomes aggressive, its tail grows and roams the roads hairdo mischief to travelers in the area.

  • In contrast, there is also the Maneki-Neko or lucky cat. In the Gotokiji Buddhist temple near Tokyo, there is a cult around this legend. And it is that statuettes are worldwide, curiously regarded as a Chinese tradition.

So, the bobtail cat is one of the best pets to take home because you give joy and companionship all the time. That, without good luck, if you believe in the ancient Japanese legends.

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